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Wellness Appointment

Dr. Cory Ellis - Fort Mill is here for your pets. Schedule your wellness appointment today to get a good idea of your pet's health, and so we can see how we can help your furry friend achieve better wellbeing. We serve Rock Hill, Fort Mill, and Tega Cay in South Carolina. 


A wellness exam will start with an overview of the general health of your pet. This might include urinalysis, parasite screening, and blood tests. Every pet should have a wellness visit at least once a year. Some pets should go every six months for optimal health. This includes pets with chronic health issues as well as senior pets.

Wellness programs vary on the species, age, and health of your pet. You might be asked to fill out a preliminary check-up to give them a good idea of the current health status of your pet and give your vet an idea of what their general health is. This asks you to identify any issues you've noticed with your pet, for example, if they have gained or lost weight. This will help the vet to screen for certain diseases that are in line with symptoms that you detail. Be sure to ask any questions you might have in order to better help your pet and your vet take care of them.

A physical examination is another part of your pet's wellness checkup. Some vets may also ask you to bring in a stool sample for them to look at and check your pet's health. This helps with identifying potential parasites. A blood sample might also be taken in order to prevent parasites such as heartworm.

You can help your pet to be better with a physical wellness checkup, or give you peace of mind that they are still in good health. It will also be a big step in preventative care when you're trying to be the best pet owner you can be. Having regular wellness checkups are important for your pet and to help them be their best. Ask our vets today about a wellness checkup for your pet, and schedule an appointment. You can call us at (803) 547-2014.

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