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Vaccinations are important for helping your pet avoid many painful, debilitating, and life-threatening conditions. Fort Mill Animal Hospital in Fort Mill, SC, understands that your pets are part of your family. That is why we offer vaccinations for pets throughout the area, including Rock Hill and Tega Cay.


What Types of Pets Need Vaccinations?

Cats and dogs need a variety of vaccinations throughout their lives. For the most part, these vaccinations are not one-and-done occurrences. In fact, some of them are required annually, others every three years, and others are done in a series of shots so your pet can develop immunity.

Some exotic pets and farm animals may require vaccinations as well. It is important to work closely with a trusted veterinarian, like Dr. Cory Ellis, to ensure your pet is on the right track for vaccinations and stays current with vaccinations essential to your pet’s health.

Do Vaccines Pose a Risk to Pets?

Because there is great debate over human vaccinations, there is no wonder that concerned pet owners wonder about the safety of vaccinations they give their pets. While there is no such thing as risk-free when it comes to vaccinations or any other type of medical service or treatment, the conditions these vaccines seek to prevent often have devastating effects and can transfer to other animals who have not been vaccinated against them. The benefits of vaccines far outweigh their risks.

In an effort to ensure pet owners that vaccines are safe, the vaccines we administer have gone through extensive and rigorous clinical trials and have impressive safety records. Dr. Cory Ellis wants you to feel confident about the safety and treatment of your pet while stressing the importance of vaccinations for maintaining good health and preventing a variety of conditions that could put the health and life of your pet, as well as other animals he comes into contact with, at risk.

Some vaccinations, such as the rabies vaccination, are required by law. All dogs, cats, and ferrets kept as pets in the state are required to be up-to-date with their rabies vaccinations (either every year or as needed with multi-year vaccinations). Other vaccinations are simply good for the health of your pets. That is why we strongly encourage pet owners to vaccinate their pets early and as needed to promote optimal wellness.

Whether you live in Fort Mill, Rock Hill, or Tega Cay, SC, Fort Mill Animal Hospital is happy to help with all your pet vaccination needs. Call us today to schedule your pet’s vaccinations, wellness visits, and more.

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