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Flea and Tick Prevention

When you have pets, flea and tick prevention is an extremely important part of keeping them healthy. Not only can these pets irritate your pet’s skin, they can also spread disease as well. At Fort Mill Animal Hospital in Fort Mill, SC, we’re here to help you keep your pet as healthy as possible. Here are some of the best ways to perform flea and tick prevention in your home.

Flea and Tick Prevention

Keep Your Yard Tidy

Fleas and ticks thrive in environments that contain long grass, standing water, and plenty of little hiding places. You can eliminate these kinds of environments by keeping your yard tidy. Make sure that you cut your grass regularly. This will prevent ticks from hiding in the long grass and clinging to your pet as they walk by. If you keep your yard neat and dry, fleas and ticks will have fewer hiding places and will be less likely to infest your property.

Use Flea and Tick Prevention Medications

You are better off preventing an infestation than you are trying to fix one. Every year, give your pet flea and tick prevention medications in order to ward off problems before they start. Always use a veterinarian-approved medication and make sure that you choose the correct one for your specific pet. If you have any questions about the best approach to prevention medications, you can always contact your veterinarian for assistance.

Regularly Inspect Your Pet

No matter how much prevention you do, there is always a chance that a flea or tick will latch onto your pet anyway. This is why it is important to do regular inspections on all of your pets and family members. Check for fleas and ticks every day, especially after they’ve been in tall grass. If you catch the problem early, you will have a much easier time resolving it.

Treat Your House as Well

If you have to treat your pets for fleas or ticks, don’t just treat their bodies. Make sure that you clean the entire environment around them as well. Wash bedding and take any special measure necessary to keep your house clean. Fleas and ticks can easily end up moving from your pet to your environment. Then the infestation will start all over. So make sure you clean everything.

Flea and tick prevention can be a lot of work, but it is worth it. If you need any help with this, contact Fort Mill Animal Hospital in Fort Mill, SC, by calling or visiting our website.

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